Fact-based full article generation

1. Go to Shopia's article step-by-step builder. You can switch on 'web-search' from the context tab. ![Screenshot 2024-03-07 033733.jpg-9874](BASE/products/605384790/changelog/31094/inline-11b7ffd0d3e92b02f27d9378354f5db7.jpg) 2. Once you reach the outline tab you will see the link icons are blue, indicating Shopia has automatically found URLs to use for fact checking. ![Screenshot 2024-03-07 033810.jpg-4196](BASE/products/605384790/changelog/31094/inline-6fae15a208564c5245d76496393e002f.jpg) You can click on the anchor to see what resources have been added: ![Screenshot 2024-03-07 034450.jpg-1646](BASE/products/605384790/changelog/31094/inline-46884629b0c20316f1d9d15c2bd8fa18.jpg) 3. Click generate. You're sections will be written utilizing the resources.