Better honest product review

I´d like to be able to take the writer more by the hand to create stronger product reviews, that actually represent my own findings. In this way, I´d like to use the following input: * Product Title * Product Category or categories * Product Description * General product recommendation (yes/no) * Overall review score (1-10 stars) * List of Pros AND Cons * list of product features * ranking (eg .1st out of 100 products . I don´t want to use this to sell the product, but really to describe it deeply. Thus a more professional and neutral third person perspective would be necessary. Additionally, it would be brilliant to feed Shopia with an Excel Sheet that covers all the mentioned points of a ranking with a certain amount of products and then create a bulk output of product reviews. In order to use the results directly on my publishing platforms, I´d like to use a Template that includes an individual fixed structure of headlines, shortcodes, etc. Thanks :)