Billing issues / frustrated Customer from Nov 2022)

Hi, My plan has changed over the last months/weeks, mostly loosing features compared to what I have paid for. When I purchased back in Nov 2022 the Pro plan - $299 one time charge I got additional: 50000 words, 25 SEO lookups, 25 topic clusters When I tried back in Dec 2022 to create a post existing features like adding images and URL have no longer be available. To be honest I was frustrated and left shopia as I have other tools that just work and don't later limit myself when I produce content by removing features that have been available to me and I have paid for. Examples: +Back in december no longer able to add images as that is now part of a different plan. Today with 50000 words (25 SEO lookups, 25 topic clusters) due to my life time deal I did upgrade with on appsumo code and now I have less words, topic clusters, seo lookups, etc. (See attached Images). Could you be so kind and take a look and fix my account pls? Cheers, Thorsten